A Father’s Footprints

Willow Creek | June 14, 2021

Being a dad means leading by example and setting footprints you’d be proud to have your kids follow in. Jeanette couldn’t be more proud of her dad and the hard work and sacrifice he’s made for his family. This is what she had to say:


“My dad came to the US at a very young age. He earned his citizenship, then went back to Mexico and married my mom. My mom became pregnant with me at age nineteen; knowing there were more opportunities to work in the US, my dad went back and provided for our family until we were able to come to the US (which was a long process). When we came to the US, my dad worked extremely hard to get us a home. Even though he worked hard, he also found time to be a dad: he taught me to swim, encouraged me to rollerblade, and went to my school plays and band concerts. He also had a great attitude through it all; even after I was in a couple fender-benders, he was never mad at me–just relieved I was okay. 

My dad continues to work hard; last month my parents paid off their house, and this month he started his own irrigation business. He continues to be a great dad, and he is an exceptional grandpa to two grandkids!