Willow Preschool Launches This Fall!

Willow Creek | May 13, 2021

We’re excited to launch Willow Preschool this fall on September 7! Willow Preschool is a place where children learn by doing, and by exploring the world around them. The learning programs offered encourage children to learn at their own pace in settings that are friendly, supportive, and as equally important–fun! In addition, each learning program is designed to meet children’s spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional needs.

When it comes to learning and developmental styles, Director Sharon Hahn says, “I believe hands-on learning, combined with basic early childhood developmental skills, make for a well-rounded child. I want children to enjoy their early learning years while setting a strong foundation for their future.”

Sharon has a passion for kids and says, “Their joy brings me joy.” Sharon taught preschool in downtown Lexington, KY for several years until she started having children of her own in 1994.  She went back to work as Preschool Director at Crossroads Preschool in 1999 and served there until March of 2017. In May of 2017, she served at Southland Christian as Preschool Director until January of 2020.  

Sharon and her team chose the Willow Preschool slogan: A Great Place to Grow. And why? Because at Willow Preschool, growth is the main goal; children should constantly be learning and experiencing, and keeping that in mind, the entire preschool–from the classroom to the programs–is designed with how to best help kids grow

Seeing kids grow is a huge reward in itself, but for Sharon it’s not the only reward. She says, “I think the most rewarding part of being a part of a preschool is helping children and their families build lasting relationships. I can quickly get families resources to help their children make huge strides. People never forget being cared for in an intentional way.”

Willow Preschool is currently open for registration, but spots are limited. To sign up your child for a Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule this fall, or to learn more about Sharon and the preschool, click here


“You received God’s Spirit when He adopted you as His own children. Now we call Him ‘Abba, Father.’” –Romans 8:15