Tasty Tuesdays: Short Ribs

Willow Creek | May 24, 2021

Growing up in a Korean family, Sue had short ribs often (a Korean staple), but usually at special occasions like graduations and holidays. Even now, Sue will often prepare short ribs for family get-togethers and other celebrations; although these meals include vegetables and other side dishes, it’s the short ribs that are the star of the show–the feature.

Preparing short ribs takes time, especially when taking the extra step to marinate the short ribs overnight in a soy sauce blend–one of Sue’s favorites. Her recipe comes just in time with the warming weather, as she also recommends cooking the short ribs on the grill for 15-20 minutes to get that perfect charred taste. We hope you’ll try this classic feature and taste why it continues to be a Korean cultural staple today. Sue’s recipe can be found below: