Willow Creek | March 2, 2021

We don’t want to go to church; we want to be the church where we live, work, and play. As Christ followers, let’s strive to live our lives on mission, seeking ways to bless the people around us. Let’s firmly believe we can change the world by loving our neighbors, and let’s continue to challenge ourselves by asking, “Who am I serving, who am I sharing a meal with, and who am I sharing Jesus with?” Let’s be a church that’s a BLESSing to our communities.



Week 1 (March 14) | Begin with Prayer & Listen | Dave Dummitt


Every person Jesus encountered experienced a “God moment” in His presence; Jesus lived out the BLESS practices in His life by beginning with prayer. If we are going to help people take next steps with God, we need to begin with prayer, too, but we also have to listen. Let’s genuinely get to know people and listen to their stories and struggles. Jesus asked questions, and He listened to the heart behind their answers before offering help.

Week 2 (March 21) | Eat | Albert Tate


Something powerful happens when we sit across the table from someone and share nourishment. The first thing Jesus did after Matthew said “yes” to following Him was share a meal with him; He didn’t have him take a class on how to be a disciple, get him deep in the scriptures, or have him memorizing verses. Instead, Jesus went to Matthew’s house to eat, and He fellowshipped with him there. 



Week 3 (March 28) | Serve & Share | Campus Pastors


When we listen to the needs of others, let’s plan how we’re going to intentionally serve and help them meet those needs. As we build relationships, get to know stories, and serve, we gain an opportunity to share with them the hope we have in Jesus.