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Next Steps

Get Smart with your Money

If money is a source of confusion or stress for you, take control of your personal finances and your future through a one-night class offered by Dave Ramsey. Willow attenders receive a special discount. This event sells out quickly!

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Take a personalized spiritual gifts assessment!

Are you interested in discovering how God has gifted you to build His Kingdom? Take this personalized spiritual gifts assessment and you will receive results within 7 days that will map your passions, gifts, and skills to help you discover how you can best serve.

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Subscribe to Receive Workshop Notifications

Willow Creek offers dozens of classes and workshops to help you grow in your faith, in your relationships, and in you skills and giftings. Classes are being added on a regular basis-sign up to receive notifications when new classes or workshops become available!

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Hope through Cancer Support

Is cancer a part of your past or present? Attend Willow Creek Cancer Support, a support group offering help and hope for those navigating a cancer diagnosis-individuals, families, survivors.

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