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Next Steps

Grace Series Devotional

Receive our daily devotional on grace! We hope it serves you as you spend time with God each day. Each morning, we will send you an email with a reading, some questions to consider, and a prayer to close your time.

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Ever wonder what Christianity is all about? Not sure what to believe? Given up on God? Alpha can help you figure out your purpose, sort out your questions about God, and get unstuck in your faith.

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Now What?

April 22–June 3

Time: 7:30 p.m.

Have you made the decision to follow Jesus, but are unsure about what that means in your life or what to do next? This class was designed for you. We will learn practical next steps, and explore the basics of what it means to follow Jesus and get connected into community.

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Elder board

The Elders, who serve as representatives of the church, are nominated by the congregation and undergo a prayerful screening, interview, and approval process.

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The Practice

The Practice is an experimental community that gathers to learn and experience the historic practices of the faith. Join us this month as we explore the mystery of The Eucharist and how it invites us into a life of Mission. 6pm in the Willow Creek Chapel.


April 12 - A Theology of The Eucharist (Scot McKnight)

April 19 - Everyone is Welcome at The Table (Jonathan Martin)

April 26 - Broken Open for the Sake of the World (David Fitch)

May 3 - Broken Open for Reconciliation (Austin Channing Brown)

May 10 - Broken Open for Peace (Lynne Hybels)

May 17 - A Night of Worship, Prayer, and Eucharist for the World

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