Willow at Home Groups

Miss church? Host a Willow at Home Group!

Imagine what would happen if we stopped simply watching church and started actually experiencing it—all before the building reopens. While watching church online has some benefits, it can’t replace the connection that happens before, during, or after the service. After all, it’s people that make church, church.

God promises to be in our midst when we gather—and you can play a part in creating an impactful experience for your friends, family, and neighbors by hosting a Willow at Home Group. Here's how: 


Invite friends or family over for the weekend service! In the coming weeks, we'll provide some fun graphics you can send out in an email or text message.


Watch the weekend service together. Get creative and set a TV or tablet up outside or in a large room, or identify a public location or parking lot and stream the service from your vehicles.


Take the conversation further using our weekend discussion guides! Sign up to receive it via email and use it to help facilitate conversation.


Pray for one another. Close out your time sharing prayer requests and lifting up those requests to God.

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Not ready to meet in person? You can host a watch party online!

Many people aren’t comfortable meeting in groups yet—and that’s okay! We stream all our weekend services on Facebook Live, so you can host a watch party on Facebook (click here for instructions) to live chat with your friends during the service. 

Have questions? Here are some common ones!

  • Who can host a Willow at Home Group?

    Anyone who feels comfortable hosting people in their home, backyard, or driveway.

  • What's the safest way to meet?

    We recommend following all social distancing guidelines (keeping 6-feet apart) and wearing masks when you're in close proximity. For the time being, opt for air high-fives instead of handshakes and hugs. Check out some additional guidelines here.

  • I'm not ready to host a Willow at Home Group. Can I join one instead?

    The Willow at Home Groups currently exist from personal invites from hosts. If you are new to Willow and want to meet others and get connected, we'd love to help! Simply fill out this form and a staff member will follow up with you.

  • Can we have kids at our Willow at Home Group?

    We encourage you to do what you feel most comfortable with. We know that kids aren't the best at following social distancing guidelines, so please make the decision that is best for you and your family. In some groups, the kids and students (middle- and high school-aged) have gathered to watch Promiseland, Elevate, or Impact services and have had their own time of discussion. Encourage them to get creative on experiencing church, too!

  • Should my small group form a Willow at Home Group?

    This is up to you! Some small groups meet on week days to connect and study God's word. If you small group wants to meet on the weekends, you can! If you want to start a Home Group with different people, you can do that, too!

  • What's the best way to host a Willow at Home Group?

    There isn't one! The goal is to spend time together worshipping, learning, and connecting. Get creative and make an experience that is best for you and your community. You can check out some stories of how some hosts are doing it below, or join our Facebook group to learn from others!

Stories from current hosts

"We started meeting because we are passionate about Christ-centered community. Each person in our group wants to start their own Willow at Home Group, so we decided to come together and learn before sending each other out. We are praying for God to open our eyes and hearts to new ways we can show love and extend invitations in our neighborhoods." —Stephanie

"Our home church hostess offered to share her yard only from the prompting of God. Her small group offered to help her build a patio, plant a garden, power wash the old patio, and plant flowers. It’s been beautiful to witness as this group of 14-16 gathers each weekend." —Jennifer

“At first I was hesitant to invite people over. Many of us have kids and we weren’t sure how watching outside while social distancing would go. We set up a TV outside and met in our backyard to worship, watch the message, and discuss it after. A few people shared prayer requests and we had a powerful time of prayer together. I was surprised at how connected and uplifted we were able to feel while meeting in the backyard—the Holy Spirit was in our midst.” —Michelle