Every Story Matters

God works in our lives in ways that help us grow, encourage us, rescue us, and bolster our faith. And by your willingness to share your story, you're helping bolster the faith of our staff and others who will be encouraged to hear how God has been showing up in your life these days. Simply fill out the form below. And thanks for sharing!

How does it work?

Simply fill out the form below to share the basics of your story. You may also attach photos that capture the story or are meaningful to you. Once you’re finished, click “Submit my story.”

Then what happens?

Once you submit your story, it will be made available as an encouragement to Willow’s staff.

Will someone contact me?

Possibly. If you selected, “Yes,” under “Permission to share?” your story then becomes available to Willow’s Marketing and Communications team, who periodically writes and posts stories about the work God is doing through the ministries of our church. By selecting yes, you give us permission to contact you if we need more details about your story.

Thanks for taking the time to submit your story. Spread the word and encourage others to submit their stories, too!