Journey Through Daniel

War. Injustice. Corruption. Greed. Sickness. We live in a broken world where kingdoms rise, kingdoms fall, and bad things happen. But true hope is not in the next election or political vote; it’s not in the most recent crisis or news cycle. Real hope is anchored living as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven even while we remain in our present world.

Throughout this series we will use the book of Daniel to look at how to live here and now and to live out our convictions with compassion. 

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Connect with God through His Word as you experience the Journey through Daniel. Readings begin October 26.

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October 25 | Dave Dummitt: Daniel 1

November 1 | Albert Tate: Daniel 2

November 8 | Megan Marshman: Daniel 3

November 15 | Dave Dummitt: Daniel 6

November 22 | Shawn Williams: Journey Wrap-Up