Prison Pack Next Steps

This weekend all Willow locations, including kids and students, assembled 55,000 prison packs to send to every every incarcerated person in the state of Illinois.

Here are some next steps to get involved:

Remember an inmate's child

We are remembering 2.500 children who have an incarcerated parent by sending them gifts through a partnership with Angel Tree. If you'd like to purchase a gift on behalf of an incarcerated mom or dad, stop by the specially marked Angel Trees in the Main Lobby and choose a tag. Easy instructions on how to purchase and ship the gift are outlined on the ornament tag.


Send a Prison Pack Book

If you would like to send the Prison Pack book to a loved one who is incarcerated outside the state of Illinois, stop by Seeds Bookstore in the Main Lobby to purchase a book. Instructions on how to send the book are included with your purchase. Each book purchased helps fund the costs of the Prison Pack Initiative.


You are not alone.

We realize many in our church have been impacted by incarceration. It can be isolating and overwhelming, especially at the holidays. If you have a loved one who is incarcerated and would like prayer, a team of leaders from the Prison, Jail & Re-entry Ministry will be available near the front of the stage to pray with you after the service.