Jesus invites us to question, explore, and discover our new story with Him. This library of resources is designed to help.


Stories are everywhere. Do you have a favorite? Have you ever thought about your own unfolding story? God values it highly as it is intertwines with His own grand story. 

Being a follower of Jesus isn't merely about the moment He rescued your soul. In your story, that moment was the turning point, the beginning of a new chapter, and the ultimate plot twist. But, that moment has implications and leads to lots of questions. 

You're in a good place if you have questions. "A New Story" is a library of resources for new disciples of Jesus. It’s designed to help you explore and discover. After all, Jesus invites us to ask, seek, and knock—He's ready to respond.

Why not begin with the first collection, "I'm New"? The introductory video is a great place to start and there is a suite of resources to help you explore any of seven different questions.




Let's start by remembering that our stories all share something in common. God has rescued us for something better. Now we belong to God's family and are citizens of His kingdom. It's a good and beautiful part of the story.

However, each of our stories is different, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically. We can see those differences, and that can lead us to ask lots of questions. Also, we can feel doubt, anger, fear, guilt, and a whole range of other emotions. Both of these responses are perfectly natural.

And so, together, let's explore some questions and our responses to them.