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We exist to foster Christ centered communities, where every person of Willow Creek can belong to a small group, and be supported as a follower of Jesus

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Leadership Training & Development

Opportunities for Leaders

Are you considering becoming a Small Group Leader? Begin the process by clicking here. The following step is to register for the orientation workshop.
Are currently leading a small group but do not have a Small Group Coach to support you? Please email [email protected]
Do you have experience as a coach? Please email Cindy Blaski at [email protected] for information about small group coaching. 


Resource Library for Leaders

Access our growing library of development resources for Group Life leaders by clicking here.


E3 Workshops for Leaders

Be encouraged, equipped and empowered by participating in a wide range of interactive and collaborative workshops.  Register for a workshop at any time.  Previous workshops are available through iTunes or Google Play Music.



Leadership Updates

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Group Life Calendar

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Small Group Curriculum and Experiences

Weekly Small Group Guides

Two different small group discussion guides are available every Monday.  

The first option is the Group Guide | Weekend Message. Explore how the weekend message can help each person to become more like Christ. Sign up to have it delivered to your inbox.

The second option is the Group Guide | Bible Study. Examine the meaning and application of a passage from the week's Bible Reading Plan. Sign up to have it delivered to your inbox.

This is part of a range of Discipleship Resources designed to help individuals and groups to grow.


Small Group Experiential Learning

Consider taking a break from your group's regular rhythm. Participate in a small group experience facilitated by a ministry from within Willow.

Family of Origin 6 Week Curriculum We invite you to use the RELATE: Family of Origin small group resource. It aligns with the weekend series on Family. What? 6 podcasts with an accompanying small group discussion guide. The podcasts are found hereWhen? The first podcast will be available Saturday, May 4. Why? Our past is actually present with us each day and shapes us into the person we are.  Together, discover the beautiful and painful parts of your story in order to improve your relationships in the here and now.  We are confident you will learn more about yourself by delving into your story and by hearing the stories of your small group members. Check back here for the links you need!

Road to Peace"We have faced major road bumps in our church this past year, and many people have experienced hardship in their personal lives," says Discipleship Director Rick Shurtz. "The Road to Peace will guide your group through a process of reflection, forgiveness, and confession, culminating with surrender at the cross."