Way to grow with God

Simple, catalytic, and thought provoking resources for both the individual and groups.


Resources for the Individual


Bible Reading Plan

During June, July, and August begin a journey through the Letters of the New Testament.

From Monday to Friday the Bible Reading Plan allots a daily reading. 

The plan is published four times per year.  

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Daily Devotionals

Based upon the day's passage from the Bible Reading Plan.

Includes a a guided reflection, prayer prompts and an encouragement to respond to the Bible passage.

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Resources for Small Groups


Group Guide | Bible Study

A first option for small groups is the weekly discussion guide that studies a passage from the Bible Reading Plan.

Receive guidance on how to study the passage as a group with questions to stimulate conversation.

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Group Guide | Weekend Message

A second option for small groups is the weekly discussion guide that explores the Weekend Message.

An opportunity to reflect upon the weekend's teaching with questions to encourage its application.

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Workshops and Experiences

Consider taking a break from your group's regular rhythm. Participate in a small group experience facilitated by a ministry from within Willow.

Family of Origin 6 Week Curriculum We invite you to use the RELATE: Family of Origin small group resource. It aligns with the weekend series on Family. What? 6 podcasts with an accompanying small group discussion guide. The podcasts are found hereWhen? The first podcast will be available Saturday, May 4. Why? Our past is actually present with us each day and shapes us into the person we are.  Together, discover the beautiful and painful parts of your story in order to improve your relationships in the here and now.  We are confident you will learn more about yourself by delving into your story and by hearing the stories of your small group members. Check back here for the links you need!

Road to Peace | "We have faced major road bumps in our church this past year, and many people have experienced hardship in their personal lives," says Discipleship Director Rick Shurtz. "The Road to Peace will guide your group through a process of reflection, forgiveness, and confession, culminating with surrender at the cross."