Summit Business Network

Join other business-minded people from the community to grow together while learning how to live out your faith in the marketplace.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.– Matthew 5:16


The Summit Business Network is a group of business professionals committed to impacting the Chicago business community through the transforming power of the gospel — to better our personal lives, our work places and our city!

CONNECTING – encouraged and sharpened together!

EQUIPPING – providing tools to integrate faith and work!

MOBILIZING – creatively serving and engaging our culture!



It is our goal to inspire strategic thinking and leadership growth that will lead to the thoughtful engagement of our culture. We seek to accomplish this by:

CONNECTING – It is easy to lose a sense of purpose and calling in the pressure of the day-to-day business world. By connecting with other Christ-followers, we are encouraged and sharpened in our work and our witness. We desire to connect professionals across fields and industries by providing varied opportunities for relationship building.

EQUIPPING - We want to encourage Christ-followers to truly view their work station as a worship station. We believe the Bible has practical and relevant answers for the daily challenges of the work world. We want people to truly experience that the integration of Bible principles leads to the elevation of business practices!

MOBILIZING – The true effect of our faith should be to propel us to an outward focus, serving the needs of the world around us. We desire to be creatively applying and embodying the hope-giving message of the gospel as we grow in living contagious lives. We seek to provide compelling opportunities and environments for the sharing of hope and faith. 


The Summit Business Network seeks to provide monthly events for its members. We seek to build these events on a rotating quarterly rhythm. Our main events include:  

1. Quarterly Dinner Series Events

  • Featuring influential voices from the business community as guest speakers
  • Week night meetings at Chicago business venues
  • Invite-friendly dinner with reservations and fees

2. Quarterly Workshops

  • Sunday after service sessions held Willow Chicago Ministry Center
  • Lunches served for minimal fee
  • Informational and educational - directed to Willow Chicago community

3. Monthly Social Gatherings

  • Gatherings at local restaurants – usually held on Sunday afternoons
  • No schedule or agenda – designed for networking and meeting new people

4. Annual Global Leadership Summit

  • Two-day August event
  • Powerful leadership training from global faculty

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