Promiseland Renovations are Underway

Pardon our dust!

Willow Creek is committed to serving kids and students through fantastic weekly programs and the investment of volunteer leaders and staff. "We love the kids in our church, and we want to be a premier place to raise a family," says Lead Pastor Heather Larson. "We want to have thriving kids and student ministries, which includes giving them fantastic spaces to meet in. We are ready to dive into the largest Promiseland remodel in Willow's history, which will include some changes in the months ahead. But we are absolutely determined to provide the best experience for our kids and families every weekend throughout the renovation season."

Promiseland kids are meeting in the following spaces:

  • Kindergarten–Grade 5 will meet in the Atrium
  • Infants–Age 4/Pre-K will meet on the lower level

Read additional details about parking, signage, rooms, and check-in/check out below.

Thank you for your continued partnership!  


Do you enjoy doing demo or construction projects? The Willow Creek Trades & Engineering is leading a Saturday work team to help make history at Willow South Barrington. This team will begin to demo, prep, and build the new spaces for kids in Promiseland now and years to come. Choose the date you wish to serve to sign up:

June 2
June 9
June 23
June 30
July 14
July 21
July 28
August 4
August 11
August 18
August 25

The construction will affect the stairwells and pathways to Promiseland spaces, so we recommend parking in the following lots based on the age of your kid(s):

  • D Parking Lot, D Entrance: This “main” entrance is best for families with kids in any age group, as it is centrally located and offers the easiest access. It can also be the busiest, so please allow adequate time for parking.
  • F Parking Lot, E Entrance: This entrance is a great alternative for families with kids in any age group, as it is the “road less traveled” and offers the same access to all rooms.
  • F Parking Lot, F Entrance: This entrance is great for families with elementary-aged kids (and older) only. The F stairwell will be out of use, so the walk from the F lot to the Infant–Preschool areas will be long! If you have kids in the younger classrooms, only park here if you are training for a marathon or are looking to avoid the gym! ;)


We are updating Promiseland signs throughout Willow to reflect new classroom locations. If you are confused at any point, please look for a Promiseland staff member or volunteer, and we will gladly direct you to where you need to go.


Most of our Promiseland classrooms are changing locations. Only the 3–5-year-olds will remain in their current rooms. For all other ages, please note the location changes below:



Check-in/Check out

Please check your kids in and out at the locations listed below. Additional check-in kiosks are available in the Main Lobby near the D and E entrances.

Infants–5-year-olds: Check In/Out is located at rooms on the lower level.

K–Grade 5: The Atrium is divided into three entrances to provide a great experience for each grade. Please check in at the entrance listed below. If you have multiple children in the Atrium space, you can check them in together at any door.

  • K/Grade 1: Closest to the lobby
  • Grades 2/3: Closest to Dr. B’s
  • Grades 4/5: Closest to F Entrance