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At Willow Creek, we love your family and desire to partner with you in raising up the next generation. Take the next step in getting your entire family connected and growing!

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Our Core Next Gen Ministries

All regional locations use teaching, activities, worship, and small groups to help children and students take the next steps in their spiritual journeys. Our goal is to partner with you in guiding your children spiritual—and we provide opportunities for you to grow and connect!


Classes and Workshops

Willow offers classes and workshops to help you grow in your faith and relationships. Learn about parenting and marriage classes on our Classes & Workshops page or view all Willow events here.

Join a section community to discover a group of people who are in your phase of life—whether you have a newborn or a teenager!

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The staff and volunteers make life a little richer for parents of Willow Creek’s children and students

“As parents, we worry about those roller coaster teen years. We all know how goofy our teen sons or daughters can be—it’s in their job description! Yet, these volunteers and staff members choose to invest in our kids, and it makes raising a teen that much easier. Take advantage of it, parents!”
Scott Rubin, Director of Student Ministries  at Willow South Barrington

Teenagers are looking for purpose, challenge, and direction

“They are surprisingly open and attentive to the Holy Spirit’s guidance in their lives. And when parents partner with Willow’s student ministries, the impact on kids’ lives is exponentially deeper.”
Scott Rubin, Director of Student Ministries  at Willow South Barrington

“Parents think their teens only listen to peers, but it’s not true. I hear it all the time from our students: ‘I was really impacted by what my mom or dad said.’ Our job in student ministries is to partner with parents and watch God work in their kids’ lives.”
Scott Woods, Community Life Director of Student Impact, at Willow South Barrington

We believe your kids can change this world—and we want to partner with you in bringing out their God-given gifts and talents.

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