Adoption Foster Care Safe Families

The experience of adopting, fostering, or hosting a child through Safe Families for Children is a transformative, challenging journey. Willow Creek wants to support our families who adopt, foster, host children through Safe Families, or are thinking about any of these options.

Community & Support

For the Adoption, Foster Care, and Safe Families Ministries, Willow is partnering with the organization Love Moves Us to provide an evening of connection, tools for parenting, and support for families. We will gather once a month. If you are interested, please email [email protected]



The Adoption Ministry also hosts a Considering Adoption series, a five week study in a small-group setting. (Rock Event). The series is a way to explore the adoption option and to get to know other families that are on a similar journey.

The Care Center and Adoption Ministry also host a weekly First Moms Group in the evening for mothers who have given children up for adoption. For more information on any of these classes, or to connect with our ministry team, please email [email protected].


Foster Care

To volunteer with the Foster Care Ministry, become a part of the foster care team that supports foster families, advocates for the foster care community, and helps plan special events, workshops, & informational meetings, please email [email protected].

If you are considering becoming a foster family and would like to talk with someone about next steps, email [email protected] and one of our mentors will contact you to set up a time to meet or talk over the phone about any questions you may have. We also host foster care informational meetings throughout the year, as well as DCFS trainings. They are facilitated by foster care professionals from various agencies in the Chicagoland area. More information coming soon.


Safe Families

Local Compassion & Justice partners with Safe Families, a nonprofit organization that surrounds families in crisis with compassionate community. Safe Families creates an extended family-like support network for families through volunteers who are motivated by faith to keep children safe and families intact. We care about families, the parents and the children, and walk alongside them to encourage them during difficult times. The goal is always to reunite families.

If you are a Safe Families volunteer, we want to support you via our Shepherd Leads, special ministry leaders who connect with a geographical area. We can help connect you with other Safe Families in your area, provide you with resources through the Care Center, and offer support and encouragement through your journey.

There are several ways to volunteer with Safe Families:
1. Become a family coach for a parent or a couple
2. Host a child for an extended stay
3. Support a host family by cooking meals, offering babysitting or other services
4. Provide resources such as diapers or clothing

If you would like to become a Safe Family and host a child or assist those hosting, Willow offers frequent trainings. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in joining training.