Prayer Vigil For Black Lives

A night of prayer, lament, and confession for Black lives lost due to racism.

Spend time in confession, lament, and prayer using this guided audio reflection:

Willow Creek Community Church · Prayer Vigil for Black Lives


During the prayer vigil, we will participate in a call and response. Here is your guide for that time:

LEADER - Father, you brought us to life by your Word of truth, 

EVERYONE - We were made in your image, sons and daughters of all colors.

LEADER - The cancerous wickedness of racism has caused your children to suffer.
Prejudice, discrimination, and hatred have led to brokenness, violence and even death.

EVERYONE - We confess that we have not loved our neighbors as ourselves. We have
allowed the sin of racism to divide us in what we have done and what we have not
done; what we have said and what we have not said. 

LEADER - Purify our hearts and tame our tongues, we pray;

EVERYONE - Give us courage to repent, to fight for righteousness, and to love and
embrace one another…

LEADER - In the name of Jesus, Our Lord…     



Next Steps

We are all on a journey of learning about racial injustice. We encourage you to dive into books, podcasts, movies, and articles to broaden your understanding and continue the work of anti-racism. Check out this list of resources.