Building a relationship with God isn't a solo journey; it's a journey we take alongside others in the community of faith.

Discover a place you belong

SMALL GROUPS: Each Willow location offers small groups—communities of people who gather regularly to connect, build friendships, and grow in their faith. Check out the small groups at your Willow location--and find a place you belong.

SECTION COMMUNITIES: Meet new friends through section communitiespeople who sit together in the same seating section during weekend services at Willow's larger locations. Led by a staff pastor ("section leader"), people in sections hang out together after church, gather for monthly dinners, and volunteer together with friends and family. Joining a section community is a great way to get connected at Willow—and stay connected to God.


Experience Willow Firsthand

Finding a church you can call 'home' can make all the difference in your faith journey. Discover if Willow is that 'home church' for you by giving us a test drive: Attend our services; explore workshops or classes that fit your needs; check out our programs for kids and students; or volunteer in an area that interests you.

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Building into the next generation

Willow Creek began in 1975 with a bunch of high schoolers convinced they could become the kind of community their friends would want to join. They were right. And today we still take seriously the vital role young people play in the church.

Explore how you can get involved in one of Willow's fantastic programs of kids or students--and leave a legacy by investing in the next generation. 

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