Prison, Jail & Re-Entry

Serve those in incarceration and those recently released from incarceration through a variety of supportive programs.

The Prison, Jail and Re-entry Ministry offers support for those who are incarcerated, those who have been released, and those with an incarcerated loved one. Our team of volunteers are committed to loving, encouraging and remembering inmates and their families. Over the last 16 years, this ministry has expanded to serving at over ten facilities consistently throughout each month.

There are several opportunities to engage with the Prison, Jail and Re-entry Ministry. Check the calendar below for upcoming events.

  • Prison, Jail and Re-entry Connection Breakfasts happen the first Saturday of each month, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Learn from guest speakers on relevant topics that are unique to the needs of this population and meet others who care about or have been affected by incarceration.

  • Visitation Teams regularly visit a number of facilities, providing pastoral visitations, group classes, Bible studies, literature distribution and worship services. To sign up to volunteer, click HERE. Visitation Team volunteers must undergo a background check process, which will be initiated when you sign up to volunteer. Once you have cleared the background check, we will contact you and connect you with a team that serves inside a facility.

  • Re-entry Support—Provide direction, resource triage, friendship, and spiritual support to those recently released from incarceration.  If you enjoy touching base on the phone or meeting someone to help with Care Center visits or for a cup of coffee before a service, this is the place for you. If you're interested in being a Re-entry Support volunteer, click HERE. 

  • Prison Pen Pals maintain consistent correspondence with an inmate, offering encouragement and hope to someone in incarceration. To request more information about the Pen Pal program, email Kim at [email protected]. Prison Pen Pal volunteers must undergo a background check process, which will be initiated when you sign up to volunteer. If you could like to volunteer as a Pen Pal, click HERE.


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Click HERE if you are interested in volunteering with the Prison, Jail and Re-entry Ministry.

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Prison Jail and ReEntry 2020 Calendar