Dental & Vision Clinic

Receive dental and vision care services from doctors and professionals at the Care Center Clinic.

At this time, the clinic is still not open to the public.

Note: We are not accepting new patients or taking appointments to qualify guests. We have begun to reach back out to guests with cancelled appointments from early 2020 due to the pandemic. 

Once we serve the patients from last year and get a rhythm that works with safety measures and establish protocols, we will then begin to see new patients. Learn more about our reopening on our updates page.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please contact Greater Elgin Family Dental Clinic at 847-608-1344, or Midwestern University Dental Clinic at 630-743-4500.

The Care Center Clinic provides dental and vision care for patients, through the help of volunteer doctors and professionals. If you would like to visit the clinic, please first meet with the Care Team, where a volunteer will listen to your story and assess your situation. If you are eligible, you will be pre-qualified for clinic services and able to schedule an appointment. To meet with the Care Team, visit the Care Center during our open hours and tell the Welcome Desk or a Care Center volunteer you would like to talk to a Care Team volunteer about the clinic.

For questions, email


[email protected]
(224) 512-2600

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