Response Pastors Chicago

Speak confidentially with a Willow Creek pastor about your situation. Pray together. Choose practical next steps.

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Not sure what you need?

  • Looking for a wise, confidential sounding board for your situation?
  • Want the name of a good counselor or the recommendation of a workshop or class?
  • Have a spiritual question?
  • Need clarity on what to do next?
  • Want to pray with someone who cares?
  • Need help planning a funeral?

Response Team at Willow Chicago

Whether you are going through a life-transition, difficult circumstance, or crisis event ... 
We are available and desire to be present with you. We are here to listen, pray, and help you discern potential next steps.

Some areas that we help to navigate include: spiritual questions, relational conflict, financial crisis, emotional distress, and professional or community referrals.

Schedule a meeting with a Response Team Leader by emailing Thomas Anderson Jr, Campus Pastor, at [email protected].

Willow Creek’s Counselor Referral Network (CRN)
includes dozens of skilled, compassionate therapists who specialize in a variety of areas of need. Ask the response pastor or your own Willow Creek location's pastoral care team for a referral for CRN therapists in your area who take your insurance.