The Winding Road

Since I was a little girl, what I wanted most was to be a mom.


Fast forward to when I’m twenty-nine and expecting my firstborn--a boy. It was wonderful; I felt so happy. However, by the time he was two, I realized I needed an adult community to help. I searched for a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group and it was such a blessing; to get together with other moms who had come before me--I learned so much. Maybe what I learned most, though, is that motherhood isn’t a square; it’s a winding road, a road I’ve been praying, trusting, hoping, discerning, failing, forgiving, and surrendering on along the way.

As an example, twelve years ago, I thought I’d be doing ministry with my husband. I believed God had called my husband and I to do ministry as a team, but God had other plans for me. Although we wanted to do ministry together, it was hard with finances. We made a choice where my husband would pursue the ministry and I would go back to work as a school social worker. It was a trying time and I didn’t understand God’s plan: why did I have to go to work and be separated from what I felt He had called me to do?

But being a mother is a path that winds, and we navigate these roads by surrendering to God. His plan is always certain, even though we might not think so at the time.


A couple of years ago, one of my three children began to have major difficulties in school. It was a hard time full of pain, anxiety, and fear, however, God had prepared me for it: had I not gone back to work as a school social worker, I wouldn’t have been prepared to handle the situation in front of me.


Even though there was a struggle with our child, God remained faithful and reminded me of His purpose and His plan: He had bestowed our children to us and He was in control; He would never leave us nor forsake us; He who began a good work in us would complete it. It was on the winding road where God prepared me for the challenges ahead. 


I never could have imagined how things would be with me and my family today. We are still on our journey, but God has been with us every step of the way. 

I know He will see us through.

--by Veronica Crespo


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