The Thrill of Hope

The Christmas story describes a hopeful reality, that Emmanuel—God with us—has come! Throughout the Christmas story, we see angelic encounters with ordinary men and women, declaring the good news the Messiah was coming. Today, ordinary men and women continue to have incredible encounters with God, through Jesus—the Angel of the Lord.



Week 1 (December 5) | Zechariah: Unbelievable Hope | Dave Dummitt

The angel Gabriel encounters Zechariah and lets him know his prayers have been heard, that his wife will give birth to a son who will “prepare the way” for Jesus. What God does in our hearts and through us while we wait is often just as important as what we’re waiting for. 



Week 2 (December 12) | Mary: Unexpected Hope | Albert Tate

The angel Gabriel encounters Mary and tells her she’ll give birth to God’s Son, and she’s to name Him Jesus. Mary was an ordinary teenager, but God chose her. Like Mary, if we’re willing to live through faith, God can do amazing things through us, too. 



Week 3 (December 19) | The Shepherds: Uncontainable Hope | Megan Marshman

The angel Gabriel encounters the shepherds and let’s them know their long-awaited Savior has come. No matter the fears we encounter, we share in the shepherd’s good news: our Savior has come and there’s no adversity He can’t conquer. 



Week 4 (December 22-24) | Christmas Eve at Willow | Dave Dummitt

The Angel of Lord—Jesus—has come! As we celebrate the birth of our Savior, let’s also celebrate the present day miracle, that ordinary men and women like us can encounter Jesus and accept Him into our hearts and lives, now and forever. 



Week 5 (December 26) | The Light of the World | Dave Dummitt

The Bible begins with light, and Jesus ultimately becomes the supreme Light of the world. Wherever there’s darkness, there’s an absence of God. But when we receive Jesus, we embrace Him as our light and are able to share His love, presence, and grace with others—He can shine through us!
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