The Blessing of a Bicycle

Willow South Lake and local school, Twain Elementary, have a special bond and partnership; so much so, when the principal of Twain was in recent need, she reached out to Willow. 

A nine-year-old girl who attends Twain had suffered a tragic loss; her mother had passed due to cancer. The girl is currently living with her grandma, and with her own birthday coming up, she wanted a bicycle more than anything. However, after the funeral and expenses, the girl’s family didn’t have much left to spend on a gift.

The morning the little girl returned to school, after taking some time away with her family, the principal of Twain heard her request and immediately reached out to Willow South Lake. The principal wanted to do anything she could to help raise the little girl’s spirits, and if a bike was all it would take for her to know she was loved and not alone, it wasn’t that big of a request.

The team at South Lake received the ask from Twain and immediately fielded the ask of a bike to several staff and congregants. Within an hour, they had secured a girl’s bicycle. 

Rebecca, a staff friend, had cleaned out her garage that day and formed piles of toys and clothes to donate that her kids had grown out of. One of the items she had ready to donate was a girl’s bike. 

By the end of the little girl’s first day back in school, there was a bicycle waiting for her. 

Looking back on the event, a Willow staff member said, “It may have seemed like a miracle, everything coming together as it did, but we don’t perform miracles, God does, and sometimes He likes to show off.”

In this season of thankfulness and giving, let’s all answer God’s call and give to others as we’ve been generously blessed. You can find serving and giving opportunities by clicking here and learning more about our Hope for Youth campaign. 

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