Tasty Tuesdays: Mango Kulfi

Binu, although from India, didn’t have the recipe for mango kulfi she has now until just twenty years ago, when she received the recipe from a small group friend. For Binu, the mango used in the recipe reminds her of her home back in India, where she grew up eating mango off the mango trees around her house. Binu’s recipe serves a large number of people and has been used for graduations, Christmases, and other family parties.

Binu’s mango kulfi is supposed to be shared with others in fellowship, and we hope you’ll enjoy this sweet Indian treat at your next gathering. Binu’s recipe can be found below:

Recipe for Mango Kulfi

(serves 20-25 people)


1 can of sweetened mango pulp (1 lb 14 oz or 850 grams) - Alfonso mango or Kesar mango preferably 

1 box of Knox unflavored gelatin

1 lb sour cream

1 pound unsalted Philadelphia cream cheese

1 cup of sugar


Pot for boiling water/mixing ingredients 

Spoons (large and small)

Blender or hand-mixer

Small individual cups, preferably clear 


Boil 3 cups of water. After it cools, add the box of gelatin (4 packets) and mix well

Add everything else (mango pulp, sour cream, cream cheese, and sugar) into a large pot or bowl with the gelatin water and stir together, just enough so everything starts to meld together.

Using a hand-mixer or blender, mix this mixture very well, until it is without any clumps; it should be smooth and loose like cake batter.

Pour into small individual cups, as much as desired, usually halfway or 3/4 of the way up.

- Keep in the refrigerator for 6-8 hours (or overnight), then ready to eat!


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