Greed and Generosity

This past weekend, Pastor Dave concluded The Monsters Within with a message called “Greed & Generosity.” When we think of greed, so many of us immediately think of vast amounts of wealth. However, wealth in itself is not evil. Greed takes hold when satisfaction becomes a thing of fantasy. Why, though? Where does this desire for more, more, more stem from? For most of us, it’s from our insecurities. 


In American society, so much value and worth comes from what we have, own, and possess. The bigger the house, the more cars we have, the nicer the neighborhood--we often equate this with personal value and worth. Society doesn’t celebrate the rusted Chevy with 116k miles leaking oil on the driveway; society celebrates designer clothes, fat bank accounts, and soaring stocks. Those things in themselves aren’t bad, but when our worth rests solely in what we own, we’ll never have enough.


Fashion goes out of style, houses become bigger, and the new car model comes out every year. Contentment is short-lived if we play “keeping up with the Joneses;” contentment cannot share a stage with greed. 


In Psalm 139:14, we’re told we’re fearfully and wonderfully made, and in Matthew 10:31, we’re told we’re worth more than the birds of the air. Greed runs amok in our lives when our eyes are fixed on what the world values, but greed vanishes when we believe God created us with value.


God doesn’t care if we drive a Ford or Ferrari, if we live in a townhouse or mega house, or if we make ten or a hundred dollars an hour. He couldn’t love us any more than He does right now. Our value doesn’t come from things; our value comes from God. 


When we fully believe our value is from Him, greed shrivels like a California raisin and we find peace not of this world.


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