Game On

2020 took the wind out of a lot of us, but as we launch a New Year, let’s consider getting off the bench and getting back in the game of our lives! Throughout this five-week series, we’ll take a look at key areas we tend to get stuck—and how the Gospel allows us to experience life-changing transformation. Game On! Are you ready?


Week 1 (January 9/10) | Step Forward in Health, Dave Dummitt

It’s time to take a step forward in our health! With positive motivation, we can live the healthiest versions of ourselves, which will not only impact us, but also our relationships with those around us, including God.   


Week 2 (January 16/17) | Step Forward in Peace, Derwin Gray

It’s time to take back our peace! Let’s remove the labels the world has given us, and instead focus on how God sees us --perfect through His love. 


Week 3 (January 23/24) | Step Forward in Faith, Dave Dummitt

It’s time to regain our faith! We’ve all fallen down, but that’s not where our story ends. Through God, we can stand tall and do more than we ever thought possible. 


Week 4 (January 30/31) | Step Forward in Financial Freedom, Dave Dummitt

Finance Promo: It’s time to take back our financial freedom! It’s too easy to get caught-up viewing money as the world does. Let’s get back to basics and take a step towards regaining our finances, following guidelines God has placed. 


Week 5 (February 6/7) | The Preach-off: Megan Marshman vs. Albert Tate

As we continue to look ahead this year, we know there will be challenges, but we also know we can overcome them through God’s strength and grace.


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