Envy and Fulfillment

This past weekend, Pastor Dave continued The Monsters Within with a message called “Envy & Fulfillment.” Envy is what happens when we’re constantly looking at what everyone else has and being jealous of how they’re succeeding. Even with close friends, it isn’t easy for many of us to cheer them on when they get that new job, car, or house; we wish it were us. Here comes a hard truth, though: if God wanted to bless us with certain things, He would. 


For example, if you applied for a job and didn’t get it, there’s no reason to be envious of the person who did. God created humans from dust, made water pour from rocks, and kept Daniel alive in a den of irritable, hungry lions. If He wanted you to have that job at that time, He could have made it happen. 


“But I want a new job. I want a raise. I want to move. I want to get married. I want to be pregnant.” Envy is so often caused by what we want and not what God wants. We must remember God has a plan for us, and He can see it from beginning to end. He sees how everything is going to weave together and how relationships are going to form and how everything is going to fall into place at just the right time. Unfortunately for us, we only see tiny snippets here and there. 


Quite often, our wants don’t fit into His plan. We may want that job in our hometown, but God may want us to take a position in Tennessee. We may want to marry our high school sweetheart as soon as possible, but God may want us to stay single for a while and do some mission work first. We may want to have plenty of kids of our own, but maybe God wants us to step up and foster those most in need. 


When our plans don’t work out, it’s okay to be disappointed, but let’s not live there; instead, let’s use our failed plans as a reminder to trust God and His plan. He is more than capable of creating jobs, directing spouses, and opening wombs. When we have a handle on that, we can trust in His plan and put the focus back where it belongs.


When we trust in God’s plan, it shouldn’t cause anxiety but relief; it no longer depends on what we can do because God takes care of His people. Look at the Israelites: when they came to the Red Sea, God told Moses, “Stretch out your staff and trust Me; I got this. You’re about to see something pretty cool.” And He split the sea in two, so the Israelites could cross it on dry ground. All they had to do was trust Him and watch.


When His timing is right, and when we trust and follow His plan, we’ll look back and be able to say, “You know what, I’m glad that job didn’t work out. I’m glad that my boyfriend/girlfriend and I broke up. I’m so grateful for my adopted children.” 


That doesn’t always mean we won’t feel a sting in the moment; there’s pain when we hear tough news, but that’s why we have community. Our trusted friends are there for us, and we can let them know our disappointments, and we can let God know, too. Let's be there for each other as comforters, but also truth-sayers, reminding that God’s not done yet, and His plan is supreme.


So let’s celebrate our friends and their accomplishments because God is still working in us, too, and He has plans for us that will blow. our. minds. 


Let’s not give up on Him. Let’s double-down, confirm our trust, and know He loves us, cares for us, wants what’s best for us, and will never mislead us. May our prayers be in His timing and His will.


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