A new Promiseland experience

A new Promiseland experience

Promiseland's newly renovated space opens later this year, but a brand-new small-group experience launches this weekend, September 29/30. "Our hope is that the new space gives kids an opportunity to feel connected, safe, and loved," says Promiseland Director Bryan Cheney. "We also know a fantastic space will fail without a great small-group experience, which is why we created a new structure to set kids up for success as they journey through Willow's kids and students ministries."

Small groups are now organized by expected or current high school, and kids will move up based on graduation date, not date of birth. This will allow kids to build relationships with friends from their schools or neighborhoods and ease transitions into Elevate and Impact. Small groups also start at age two, providing consistent connection during the foundational years of Promiseland.

"We've seen the impact a child's Promiseland small group can have on their faith all the way into adulthood," continues Bryan. "We are praying this new structure will empower our kids to build strong community—and we hope your child will find friends and leaders they can journey through life with."

Interested in volunteering in Promiseland? Promiseland wants every kid to have a small group leader! They still have open groups and would love to talk to you about how to get involved. Email the team here!
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