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GroupLaunch has helped more than 750 people connect with others in their neighborhoods or seasons of life to form small groups that cultivate relationships and spiritual growth, and the next GroupLaunch is this weekend! “These groups provide a place to be seen and known, to use your gifts, and to grow closer to God through a journey together,” says Stephanie Haugen, director of Group Life.

Matt and Mary raised their hands to lead, and they were surprised by the number of people in their area looking for a small group. It was more than expected, but they wanted to accommodate the interest. They began meeting with 20 people they had never met who lived within five minutes of each other. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences set the stage for a transformative group. “The one thing we had in common was a hunger to be in God’s Word and live out Acts 2:42 in community,” says Mary. “This group was a humbling reminder of what God can do through people. Members supported each other through the loss of family members and jobs. We have seen God answer prayers—it’s beautiful to see Him at work!”

GroupLaunch is this weekend, September 28/29, in the Atrium after each service. “We will worship together and learn from Steve Gillen during the service, then head to the Atrium for a 20-minute GroupLaunch where you can explore small-group opportunities,” continues Stephanie. “These groups will meet this October and November as we journey through Philippians together!”

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