Disaster relief update • Stories of friendships found

The supplies are off—and you can still help!

Thank you to all who donated disaster relief supplies for the victims of Hurricane Florence. Together, we packed three semitrailers with supplies destined for Fayetteville and Lumberton, North Carolina to be distributed this week.

Donations are still being collected this week at bins inside the D entrance and over the weekend in the D parking lot. Click here to view the full list of items needed.

Please continue praying for those affected by natural disasters.


Friendships found in unlikely places

Over the last two weeks, we explored the ways Jesus surrounded Himself with life-giving friendships and family relationships. Jesus demonstrated the importance of having people you consider family by your side through the many seasons of life. "Your family might not look exactly as you planned," says Acting Senior Pastor Steve Gillen, "but like Jesus, be intentional and forge a family with the people around you."

Often, finding those people requires changing your normal routine, trying something new, or taking a risk and having a conversation. Here are a few stories of people who did just that:

Ashley has been serving in Willow's student ministries for three years, and after graduating college, she was hungry for authentic friendships. Just this fall, Sarah took a leap and decided to volunteer, and she happened to be placed in the same group as Ashley. The two quickly became friends and now meet each Sunday morning before service to check in, connect, and challenge each other in their faith.

Last year at Student Impact's Parents Weekend, a group of Fremd High School parents met and experienced the incredible community their children had. Knowing they had free time each week while their kids attended House Group, they decided to start meeting. Now, more than 20 parents meet weekly, facing the blessings and challenges of parenthood together. 

Dave volunteered on the photography team for years, using his gifts to bless our church. Feli, also passionate about photography, joined the team shortly after. Dave became Feli's mentor, teaching her the ins and outs of capturing great images in the auditorium. Their friendship led to love, and last summer they were married. They both still volunteer together.

"I hope, in time, this church becomes a family," continues Steve. "One that loves each other, cares for each other, and walks through everything together. Will you take a bold step this fall and intentionally pursue the kind of community that Jesus modeled for us?" 

Click here to discover ways to connect at Willow.
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