The importance of family

The need for a family

This weekend, Acting Senior Pastor Steve Gillen continues our fall series looking at the life of Jesus by exploring His role and participation in His family. "When God sent Jesus from heaven to earth, He could have sent Him as an adult," says Steve. "But He didn't. God birthed Jesus into a family, and through His life, we can see the deep need and life-giving connection that God intended for family."

Jesus modeled how to eliminate shame, bring out the beauty in each person, build trust, and deal with conflict within a family. "Whether your family brought you great joy or great pain, let's explore the way Jesus pursued family—both conventionally and unconventionally," continues Steve. "I trust that God will meet us, heal us, and teach us."

Restore your marriage

We want marriage to feel like a gift, but often the relationship you find yourself in today is nothing like you imagined when you said "I do." If that's you, you're not alone. Most couples experience a make-or-break season, and the couples who seek help find themselves with an even better marriage than they started with. RESTORE Director Karis Reichert explains:

When couples hit a hard season, they often feel alone or like their issues are too far gone or too complex to be solved—hope can fade. Experts describe how this kind of thinking is like quicksand for couples in distress. It happens fast, and the harder they struggle to get out of it, the deeper they sink.
RESTORE helps couples get unstuck and on their way. We pinpoint the patterns that cause harm in the relationship and learn how to interrupt our destructive responses. Couples also gain a framework to begin rebuilding a safe connection where they can feel seen and understood again. And they learn to focus their efforts on things that can have an impact for the better instead of being stuck in downward spirals of blame.

RESTORE gives you hope when marriage is hard, and has been a critical turning point for hundreds of couples. The workshop is led by therapists, pastors, and trained facilitators who help you resolve nagging issues, heal from wounds that feel unsolvable, outsmart patterns that keep you stuck, and reconnect with your spouse in a way that fosters healing, growth, and intimacy in your marriage. RESTORE begins September 22. Learn more and register here.
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