Do you avoid difficult conversations?

Learn to have the hard conversations

“What?! You watched the next episode of This Is Us without me? I’m so hurt!”

“What?! You ate the tips off of all the candy corns—and didn’t leave any for me? How could you?”

“What?! You just bought a donut costume for Halloween? But I told you yesterday that I was going to the party as a donut!”

If these are the worst kinds of relational bumps you have ever faced, then skip the next RELATE workshop, Difficult Conversations. For the rest of us, relational conflict looks more like this:

  • Your spouse is working late—again. How do you bring up this growing pattern without getting into another big fight?
  • Your teenager asks to spend Saturday at the mall with friends you know aren’t a good influence. How do you help your son or daughter understand you’re on their side—as you say no to their request?
  • Your boss asks you to complete the project your lazy coworker ignored. Do you pick up their slack once again? Or do you talk honestly with your boss—or your coworker? 

If the above scenarios sound more like the problems you face, you’re in luck. The practical tools offered in Difficult Conversations are a game changer. Get equipped to navigate difficult conversations with the important people in your life, grab hold of some “handles” that will help you take action, and walk away with hope that you can do relationships better.

Taught by Deb Shurtz and Casey Sundstedt, this Friday night/Saturday morning workshop is open to anyone—and it's a great event to attend with your small group, friends, or family. Secure your spot by registering soon!

Difficult Conversations | A RELATE Workshop
6:30–9 p.m., Friday, November 9
8–11:45 a.m., Saturday, November 10

Learn more and register here.

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