A stirring for new songs

A stirring for the songs of our church

Last April, more than 20 musicians from across Willow Creek's campuses gathered for a day of songwriting. But their plans changed as the meeting instead became a place for the group to process the start of an unsteady season. Rather than following the planned agenda, they came together to pray and cry out to God through worship. The Spirit moved in a fresh, authentic way, and a season of new songs began.

Over the summer, they met again, intent on putting words to the feelings of heartache and hope they felt. "We felt the sweetness of bliss—of heaven touching earth—and the sorrow of our circumstances all at the same time," says James Paek, a Willow worship leader. Their time was spent with hearts and minds open, seeking what God was doing in and through our church, then composing that into a series of songs. The session led to the creation of two new songs: "Again & Again" and "All of My Help."

"These songs were a simple response to God's work in you, our church family," continues James. "The relevance of the lyrics continues to shock me—God was preparing our hearts to be a collective voice for the hope He wanted to bring through situations we would face."

The song "Again & Again" declares trust in God "through fire and rain" and includes the line "There is no crisis that can shake You, Lord, You stay seated on Your throne."

"I am deeply moved by the ways God has used this year to shape us and pour out His grace as the people in our church have fixed their eyes on Him," says James. "We pray these songs will call us all to deeper faith and trust in God, and serve as a reminder of the ways He is faithful through our trials."

The worship team will continue to share these songs in the coming weeks as we continueKingdom Come. Subscribe to Willow Creek's channel on YouTube and receive notifications when new videos are posted!

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