Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come

This weekend, October 6/7, Acting Senior Pastor Steve Gillen launches a new series, Kingdom Come, based on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. "Our church is stepping into a new season," says Steve. "Staff, volunteers, and congregants have been praying and seeking God for our days ahead, asking a key question: What will we be about? May we be steadfast in following the teachings of Jesus, continually focused on His words and modeling our lives after His."

Kingdom Come unpacks Matthew 5–7 and the clarion call Jesus set before all His followers. This six-week series will focus our attention on Jesus and His teachings as we learn how to usher in the kingdom of God each and every day.

In addition to weekend teachings, daily devotionals and weekly small-group content will focus on the Sermon on the Mount starting October 8. "I'm praying that we would dive into this powerful Scripture in our time with God and in our community, allowing it to transform us," continues Steve. Learn more and sign up here.

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