A beautiful world

News headlines are often filled with heartbreak and stories of loss and devastation. But despite what the scrolling feeds may show, hope is alive and breaking through across the world. It’s happening through the local church, and you can play a part.


Each year, Willow Creek sends dozens of serving teams to work alongside global partners, each meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in their communities, each a testament to the power of God in His church.

“Each time I visit one of our partners, my faith is reinvigorated,” says Kyle Healy, director of Willow Global. “Miracles are happening, lives are being transformed, needs are being met. It’s a fresh reminder of just how beautiful our world is with the church in it.”

Partners in eight countries are excited to welcome teams from Willow to join them in serving their communities. Individuals, families, young adults, and students are invited to go on a trip, lend a helping hand, and experience the beauty firsthand. 

“Even if you’ve never considered going on a trip, I encourage you to explore the teams going out next year,” continues Kyle. “You never know what God might want to do in and through you!”

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