The Road to Peace

The Road to Peace

This weekend, October 13/14, Acting Senior Pastor Steve Gillen continues Kingdom Come with a message on letting your light shine. "In times of struggle or uncertainty, we are sometimes tempted to hide from the light or hide the light within us," says Steve. "When the night feels the darkest, the light also seems its brightest. My prayer is that we would be people of light even when circumstances seem bleak."

Weekend services will also launch a new reflective journey called the Road to Peace. "We have faced major road bumps in our church this past year, and many people have experienced hardship in their personal lives," says Discipleship Director Rick Shurtz. "The Road to Peace will guide you through a process of reflection, forgiveness, and confession, culminating with surrender at the cross." 

The Road to Peace is an individual journey that you are encouraged to share with your small group and close community. "Each section will guide you through learning and contemplation, including questions to discuss with those closest to you," continues Rick. "Our prayer is that we would all find healing and freedom—and support one another along the way."

Road to Peace journals will be distributed at weekend services and will be available online. In addition, Midweek classes will be offered to help you discover and process your own journey. 

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