Willow Weekly 10/10 | Big News this Weekend!

Celebrating 42 Years

This weekend, October 14/15, Willow Creek celebrates its 42nd anniversary by reflecting on God's faithfulness and looking ahead to where God is leading the church. Senior Pastor Bill Hybels brings a message that will mark key moments in Willow's history. 

The 42nd anniversary will also be a milestone for Willow Creek. "As we have been reminding you, the Elders have very good news to share about who will be leading our church into its future," says Bill. "I encourage you to invite anyone who has been a part of Willow or has been impacted by Willow. We have exciting days ahead!"

The anniversary festivities will continue with a reception following each service in the Main Lobby.

The Impact of the Job Fair

The Willow Creek Care Center offers employment services and hosts Job Fairs to help hundreds of people find jobs. A staff member shares one guest's story:

Maria attended the Job-Seeker Workshop series earlier this year after a difficult season of caring for her sick mother while finishing her degree. Being over the age of 50, Maria feared she would struggle to find a job. She worked hard on her resume, using the tips and tools she learned at the workshop and met with Care Center employment counselors to prepare for the Job Fair.

Maria brought her husband and daughter-in-law, who were also job hunting, to the Job Fair. After networking with several employers, she was offered an interview the following week. Her hard work paid off, and she was offered the job! To her joy, her husband and daughter-in-law followed up on leads from the Job Fair and also secured positions! 

If you, or someone you know, is in need of a job, learn more about the Care Center's employment services and consider attending the Job Fair on October 12. The Job Fair also features resume review, hair and makeup assistance, a clothing store, and free headshots. Learn more here.

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