Unpacking Us & The Me in We

Some of God’s greatest gifts in life are the people He brings into it. From spouses to friends and family, all have the potential to enrich our lives. But what happens when there are misunderstandings, miscommunications, or unmet expectations? Does conflict cause your relationships to drift apart or bring them closer together? What if you had a new language for understanding yourself and others, and that language gave you the tools to make your most life-giving—and life-draining—relationships the best they can be?

Deepen your marriage
Unpacking Us is a six-week dive into what shapes a marriage. Taught by trained marital experts, this workshop explores what has shaped you as an individual (your family history, personality type, and conflict style) and how that has impacted your marriage. You’ll learn how to live out a God-honoring marriage and how God can use community with other couples to grow your marriage. Unpacking Us begins Monday, October 14. Learn more and sign up here.

The ME in WE
What does your current relational world look like? There’s a lot of information out there about how to be a good friend, but have you ever considered how to also honor yourself and your needs in relationships? Join the RELATE Podcast for season two, “The Me in We,” and learn how you can become more aware of how you influence your relational world. We’ll give some tips on how to balance being a great friend while making room in the relationship for your friends to care for you. Listen on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts!
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