Willow Weekly 11/7 | 1, 2, 3 Reasons to Come!

Top Three Reasons to Come This Weekend

This weekend is a game changer for Willow Creek—one you need to be here to experience! Here are the top three reasons to come:

1. Baptism

Hundreds will emerge from the baptismal waters as a declaration of God's transforming grace in their lives. "Standing with our brothers and sisters in Christ as they get baptized is such a powerful thing," says Teaching Pastor Steve Carter. "Our prayer and mission as a church is to introduce others to the God who loves them, and this is our chance to celebrate with those who have stepped into a relationship with Him!" If you're interested in being baptized, learn more here.

2. Bill continues Game Changers

Senior Pastor Bill Hybels returns from his international trip training pastors and leaders to bring a message for Week Four of Game Changers. "Steve has done a fantastic job unpacking truths from Scripture that transform lives," says Bill. "I'm excited to continue the momentum and dive into a passage that will enrich your daily life as you walk with God." 

3. Bethel Music is Back

Bethel Music is passionate about creating moments in which people can experience the presence of God through worship. Bethel's visit to Willow Creek last year inspired thousands through their Spirit-filled songs, and now they're coming back to lead an extended time of worship!

Please bring your family and friends to this inspiring weekend! 

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