Willow Weekly 11/14 | A Place to Gather

The Importance of Gathering

Willow Creek offers gathering places where family and friends can come together for a meal before and after services. "We know God uses the table, and the food on it, in powerful ways," says Director of Hospitality Chad Anderson. "And our hospitality teams seek to create the space for that to happen."

Whether people are processing pain, celebrating special moments, or dreaming of the future, they can come to our Harvest Food Court and find a reliable space where they can journey together. 

Harvest has been a Willow staple for decades, serving up fantastic food to hundreds of guests each week. The Promiseland renovation presented a unique opportunity for Harvest to innovate, making simple but impactful changes that focus on the value of gathering around the table.  

Noticeable changes to Harvest’s menu came after the hiring of Executive Chef Mike Riley. "I love to bring creative energy and high-quality food to a more traditional food court setting," says Mike. "Guests have been surprised by the food our teams are cooking up, and we are rolling out a few new offerings in the coming months, including authentic tacos, farm-to-table salads, a home-style country buffet, steak, seafood, and more!"

If you haven't been to Harvest lately, give it a try this weekend as Teaching Pastor Steve Carter continues Game Changers! Bring your family and friends, enjoy a delicious meal before or after a service, and find a little slice of home at Harvest. 

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