Let's Celebrate Mom!

The Beauty of Motherhood

This weekend, May 12/13, we are celebrating moms at Willow Creek! Motherhood takes many forms, and we want to honor women for the roles they play in our families and our world.

Follow along all week at willowcreek.org and on Facebook and Instagram, where we are sharing traditional and unconventional stories of motherhood from our community, including the triumphs and trials they face through parenting, adoption, fostering, and having children with special needs.

When reflecting on their favorite part of being a mom, some women from Willow said:

  • "Getting to know my daughter has been an absolute blast. I can’t comprehend the love for her that has taken over my heart." —Chrissie, mom of Everly (9 months)
  • "Being a Safe Families parent is so much more than just taking care of Makiyah. It’s supporting her and her mom as a whole family. It is truly one of the greatest things God has called me to. It’s complicated and messy, but there is so much joy in knowing that God has entrusted me to show Makiyah how much He loves her." —Lara, Safe Families mom to Makiyah (5)
  • "Although this life is much different than I had imagined, God has replaced my limited hopes with His far-reaching dreams. I delight that all His children are fearfully and wonderfully made and celebrate the future and purpose He has created for exceptional children in His plan." —Michelle, mom of AJ (21), Joshua (19), Jonathan (18), and Caleb (15)

When a few sons and daughters were asked what they love most about their moms, they said:

  • "My mom is the most caring, compassionate woman I know. She would do absolutely anything to help out. She shows her love through acts of service by making incredible meals and loving us through that!" —Sam (29)
  • "No matter what happens, my mom loves me. She is a great teacher and is always there for me." —Grace (12)
  • "My mom has been a constant support in my life and has given up a lot so I can follow my dreams. I can never thank her enough for the opportunities she has given me." —Matt (19)

Weekend services will feature moments of laughter and reflection, along with an inspiring message from author, speaker, and activist Christine Caine. Come early and take advantage of the fantastic photo backdrops set up in the Main Lobby for you to capture memories with your family.

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