Grace to Face Rejection

Grace + Rejection

This weekend, May 26/27, Lead Teaching Pastor Steve Carter continues Grace + with a message on how grace allows us to face rejection. "When we are filled with grace, we can live confidently as sons and daughters of God," says Steve. "Abundant grace allows us to take risks, face rejection, and grow closer to Jesus through trials."

Take an invitational risk

Alpha is a course for people asking big questions about life and exploring the basics of the Christian faith. Thousands have discovered faith through Alpha at Willow—many because a friend took a risk and invited them.

Here are the stories of four men whose lives dramatically changed when they came to Alpha as guests in 2017:

Mike was dragged to Alpha by his girlfriend. After a few sessions, he decided to fully dive in. By the end, he reset his life and career and became committed to sharing his newfound faith with others.

Craig grew up at Willow but wandered from God without the support of his family and friends. Years later, he found himself asking, "Is there any ultimate purpose in life?" An invite to Alpha allowed him to explore his questions and rediscover faith. He brought a friend with him, and now both lead groups at Alpha and encourage others in their faith journeys.

Austin found himself without a job, a home, or support when he came to Willow wondering, "Is there more to life than this?" He heard about Alpha at a weekend service and decided to come. He went through Alpha twice and experienced the Holy Spirit at an Alpha Weekend Away. He left a life of partying behind and is now thriving and seeking healing in his broken relationships.

This group of men, hungry to grow, formed a small group that has been meeting for more than a year with no plans to stop. Each week, they journey through life and look to bring in friends who are exploring faith, just as they were. 

"The grace we experience through Jesus was not meant to be contained," says Steve. "We receive it so we can pour it out and live an invitational life. Do you know someone who could use grace in their lives? Encourage them to check out Alpha this summer!"

Alpha launches Wednesday, May 30, with a free pig roast BBQ. It's a great place to meet like-minded people exploring faith together. Learn more and RSVP here.

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