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This Weekend = Grace +

This weekend, May 19/20, Lead Teaching Pastor Steve Carter launches Grace +, a four-week series on the book of 1 Peter. "Peter writes to people scattered throughout the ancient Near East who were seeking to follow Christ," says Steve. "He sets the stage for how he believes they should live by saying, 'Grace and peace be yours in abundance.'"

Weekly messages will focus on how abundantly grace can—and should—flood our lives. "Grace is about more than just the forgiveness of sins," continues Steve. "It is foundational for a life of faith rooted in the love of God. It is by grace we are saved, but it doesn't end there. Grace compels us to live fully; grace is just the beginning." Commit to coming all four weekends, and discover ways to allow grace to infiltrate every area of your life!

Grace + Preview:

Each week of Grace + will encourage you and challenge you in your faith—and provide great opportunities to respond!

May 26/27: Steve Carter brings a message about how grace allows us to face rejection.

June 2 & 3: Join us this volunteer celebration weekend as we honor those who serve at Willow, and learn how grace allows us to use our gifts to bring hope to the world.

June 9/10: Steve Carter concludes Grace + with a message on humility as we celebrate Baptism.
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