New Math!

Time for New Math

This weekend, March 9/10, we begin a teaching series on how to look at finances in a new way. "Math doesn’t come easy for all of us—some of us look at equations and word problems and our eyes glaze over," says Creative and Weekend Director, Nick Benoit. "The same feeling may arise when it comes to money. Multiply our anxieties by the sheer volume of advice out there, and we often feel like we come up a little short."

This new series dives into the stories and wisdom of Scripture, where the advice about money doesn't always coincide with the world around us. Instead of yet another list of restrictive rules and warnings, God’s perspective on money offers us an invitation to step into a fullness, adventure, and freedom that promises to extend far beyond our finances.

"The things God has to teach about money are different than all the other equations we might encounter—He is far less interested in the worth of our pocketbooks than in the totality of our hearts," continues Nick. "Let's learn to align our lives with His plan."


Build a New Financial Foundation

Managing money can be difficult—and we want to help! This March, attend a financial workshop to discover new freedom or a new financial foundation:

March 23: Financial Freedom Workshop
Tired of feeling stressed about your finances? Join us for this Saturday workshop, where you will learn the necessary steps to gain financial freedom.

March 26: Financial Peace University
We are excited to partner with Ramsey Solutions as they introduce their 2019 edition of this nine-week class. Thousands of Willow families have already experienced financial peace by going through the curriculum. 

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