Celebrate Our Kids & Students

Celebrate God's Work in Our Kids and Students

Willow Creek's programs for kids and students seek to give infants through teenagers the opportunity to experience God's love, discover who He created them to be, and use their gifts to change our world. Each week, thousands of kids come to Willow Creek, and God is transforming their lives and their ministries. "God is growing up the next branch of His family tree right here at Willow, and let me tell you, it's a strong branch!" says Student Ministries Director Scott Rubin.

This weekend, March 17/18, we continue The Power of Clarity series by celebrating transformed lives through Baptism and sharing the stage with our kids and students. "We believe our kids and students are not just the future of our church—we believe they are a key part of our church today," says Promiseland Director Bryan Cheney.

One high school student, Jericho, did not grow up in church, but he found Student Impact to be a place where he is accepted and can use his gifts and talents. At Blast, Impact's winter retreat, Jericho performed a spoken-word piece about the life of Moses. Later that weekend, Jericho experienced the love of God in a new way. Jericho is one of multiple students you will hear from during this weekend's services.

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, cousin, or friend, please bring those in your life who have kids (and bring their kids) this weekend. You'll experience the power that comes when our kids have clarity about the love of God. You will also hear some clear and specific ways you can get involved in supporting our kids and students!


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