Three Words That Describe the Midweek Vibe

Transformational. Authentic. Casual.

Weekend services and Midweek at Willow have a lot in common: fantastic worship, compelling teaching, and age-targeted programs for kids. But people who attend Willow’s Midweek service on Wednesday nights are often struck by some unique differences.
“Midweek at Willow has a different feel,” says Joanne Botten, a producer for Willow Creek and a huge fan of Midweek. “It’s a little more casual on Wednesday nights. The smaller auditorium, Lakeside, feels sort of cozy and intimate. And the place is just bustling with people doing authentic, transformational work in their lives—through the worship and teaching at Midweek and also through workshops like RECOVER, REBUILD, and Alpha. In those smaller settings, it’s easy to make new friends and go deeper with old ones.”

Margaret Losey: A Major League artist

“Midweek’s creative team often leans into the arts,” Joanne says. “Not just music, but other art forms and experiences. For example, right now we’re in the middle of a series, Major League, that explores the major prophets of the Old Testament. Local artist Margaret Losey has been creating a new piece of art for each Old Testament book as we complete it. It’s been inspiring and thought-provoking to see how a gifted artist expresses the themes found in these rich books.”

See the next Losey art piece debut on July 17 as Midweek concludes Ezekiel.
“And don’t miss the conclusion of Daniel and the Major League series,” says Joanne. “On July 31, Losey unveils her final piece of art as part of our worship experience.”

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