We Are Here

We Are Here, an 11-week series, focuses on four characteristics that uniquely represent us as a church: serving, worship, prayer, and sharing (evangelism).

“I’m tremendously excited about this series,” says Steve Gillen, acting senior pastor.  “These four characteristics reflect what it means to be a follower of Christ—both as a church and as individuals. We’ll spend a few weeks unpacking each characteristic as a pathway toward spiritual growth."

Here’s a peek at each one:

Here to serve

God has given each of us spiritual gifts, talents, skills, and areas of passion for the purpose of building His church and bringing the hope of Christ to our community and world. In this opening segment of the series, we’ll explore why serving adds so much value to our lives, how to find your spiritual sweet spot for volunteering, and where the current greatest needs are for serving at Willow Creek.

Here to worship

Since our earliest days, Willow has been blessed by fantastic teams of men and women who lead us in worship each weekend.

“In the second segment of We Are Here, we’ll explore why worship matters to Christians and to God, and what forms worship can take,” says Nick Benoit, creative director for Willow Creek’s programming team. “Our current worship team has some fun experiences lined up for us during this segment of the series. Don’t miss out!”

Here to pray

Prayer is more than talking to God. It’s listening for the Holy Spirit’s promptings and engaging in conversation with God as well. In this segment, we’ll explore the spiritual practice of prayer and examine the different ways our lives can be enriched through an active prayer habit.

Here to share

Sharing your faith story is a vital part of being a Christ follower. This characteristic has at times been red-hot at Willow, and at other times it has waned. We’ll explore together why sharing our faith (evangelism), both in word and in action, is a natural part of being a fully-devoted follower of Jesus—and how being an authentic evangelist is easier than you think.

Steve Gillen, Matt Wright, Eugene Cho, Megan Marshman, and Albert Tate teach the series. Make it a point to be here each week—and grow these vital characteristics in your life.

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