GroupLaunch This Wednesday!

The Power of Community

Sometimes life tells us the lie that we are better off alone, that in isolation we show our real strength, but the way of Jesus paints a different picture. Through the Together series, we explored the cost, worth, and crux of community—identifying the deep need we have for connection and unpacking ways to cultivate life-giving relationships.

"Finding the right people to journey through life with takes time and hard work," says Acting Senior Pastor Steve Gillen. "But when you experience the highs and lows of life, having people by your side is worth it." 

Small groups can provide connection and foster growth, allowing you to be known and become more as you walk through life. "My small group has been meeting for over two years," says Sam, a Willow Creek attender. "We have celebrated major milestones together: three weddings, one baby, and two babies on the way. My group walked with me when my marriage struggled and encouraged me when my faith was dry. I can't imagine life without these girls."

While small groups can be formed with people you already know, we want to make it easy for you to meet others and find a small group at GroupLaunch! This one-night gathering on Wednesday, January 16 will help you meet small-group leaders and others from your neighborhood or season of life to form a new group. Register here.

Then on January 26/27, we begin a churchwide Journey through John, complete with a small-group experience to help you go further in your relationship with God. 
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