Relationships: How to make them better

Ways to Improve Your Relationships

Relationships are part of everyday life—some we get to choose, while others require a little more patience and work. "The health of the relationships in our lives has a big impact on our hearts and attitudes," says Executive Pastor Heather Larson. "When conflicts and misunderstandings arise, how do you respond? We all have areas in which we can improve, regardless of how good some of our core relationships may be. Willow has fantastic upcoming opportunities to help you grow."

This weekend, Teaching Pastor Steve Carter continues Reset by unpacking four marriages found in Scripture that will help relationships across Willow flourish in the seasons ahead. "We will explore the core characteristics that made these biblical marriages thrive," says Steve. "And one of the keys to a healthy relationship is communication—which is something we all can work on!" Invite family and friends, married or unmarried, to this easily applicable message! 

Learn to Relate Better

Problems arise in relationships when we have unmet—or unspoken—expectations, creating a gap between you and another person. How do you navigate disappointment in a loved one, friend, or coworker and move toward a more rewarding relationship? Attend RELATE, a three-week workshop taught by Pastoral Response Director Scott Vaudrey, and gain tools to improve relationships when your desires collide with the current reality. RELATE begins January 30. Learn more and register here.

Blast: Authentic Transformation

Last weekend, more than 1,350 high school students and volunteers spent the weekend at Blast, diving into God's Word, worshiping, engaging in community, and having fun. The teaching focused on the life of Moses, unpacking the story of a man who struggled with his identity and ran from his mistakes, yet was called and used by God to lead the Israelites into freedom. Student Impact Associate Director Nick Scheske challenged the students with this: "There is a God who spent time on you. There is a God who values you. In the end, where's your value?" 

Dozens of students gave their lives to Christ for the first time, and hundreds chose to further their relationships with God by solidifying their identities in Him and committing to live out the purposes He has for their lives. Pray for our students as they seek to live authentic lives and have their value rooted in God's love. Watch the Blast 2018 highlight video here.

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